by Theda Phoenix

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KoH A very beautiful album. The previous releases by Theda Phoenix were rather new agey, not my cup of tea. This one, however, is beautifully crafted songwriting. And a great voice. Favorite track: All At Once.
Paul Janes-Brown
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Paul Janes-Brown I will be playing the entire Remergence CD on my radio show this week. I will play Legacy next week. Your voice is haunting, unforgettable and addictive.
Pavitra Shining Stallion
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Pavitra Shining Stallion Love, love, love Theda's latest cd. Every time I listen to it, I feel a deep sense of "at homeness" -- such a gift! Blessings to you Theda <3 Favorite track: On The Water.
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Legacy, a Debut Songwriter Album, is musically and lyrically intimate, combining gentle acoustic instrumentation with touches of rhythmic electronic beats and subtle processing that accentuate Theda's often profound lyrics and beautiful voice.


released August 27, 2013



all rights reserved


Theda Phoenix

Theda Phoenix is a singer/songwriter, who shares from her heart to touch and inspire. An accomplished improv musician and vocalist, Theda's 4th and latest release is her debut as a songwriter, featuring intimate love songs and messages for a sustainable, peaceful, transformed world. She performs for conferences that have included Dr Deepak Chopra and sings with Guitar, Harp, Drum or Singing Bowls ... more

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Track Name: All At Once
Barefoot, your hand in mine, We walked to the ocean side
Dipped our toes in that start sea, The waters warm you said to me
Let’s give it a try, take the dive, I will be right by your side

All at once you jumped right in
Headed out to the deep end
All at once you jumped right in
Didn’t know if you would sink or swim

I stood by the shore for while, Watching you swim out in the tide
Felt the water grow warm under my feet, And then I walked out into the deep
I swam towards your silhouette, I was no longer afraid to get wet

All at once “I” jumped right in
Headed out to the deep end
All at once I jumped right in
Didn’t care if I would sink or swim

When I reached you I had to rest, I threw my arms around your chest
Sinking down we couldn’t breathe, You pushed me away had to break free
I didn’t know I was holding you down, You were afraid we both would drown

All at once “We” jumped right in
Headed out to the deep end
All at once “We” jumped right in
Didn’t know if we would sink or swim

If I let go and we swim to shore, maybe we’ll find our footing once more
But you said to me, I am much too tired, I must get out of these waters for a while
And I don’t know if, I’ll come back in, I don’t think I was meant to swim

Aren't all of us meant to swim
Aren't all of us meant to swim
Oooh, I want to swim

Part Chorus
All at once you jumped right in
Headed out to the deep end
Track Name: Butterfly
We are children, in this universe, when we allow our innocence to lead
Chasing butterflies across the sky, dancing through the fields
Caterpillars inching up the tree such steady contemplation
he holds a secret deep inside, It’s the truth of transformation

There you are, running through the fields
Soaring with the wind, Gliding on the breeze
You, you are free

When the time is right, The caterpillar weaves itself in a cocoon
We cannot rush the process, don’t want to break her out too soon
Nature has a plan, diving timing is at hand
For after, the struggle you will see, that butterfly, flying free


We are just the same As that caterpillar, In this human game
We may look like any ordinary one, but don’t be fooled, we are all children of the sun, waiting, til the time is right, to spread our wings, break free and take flight.


We feel the love, for it is what we are all made up of
So let the light break through, as one by one, we awaken to the truth
We are, we are, One

Track Name: Feels Good
We all come here thru a process of birth,
it’s natures way to get to be a human on earth.
We all have a body, needs the same things to live
And this abundant world has so much to give.

A multitude of plants, bare edible fruit,
we even eat leaves, seeds, stalks and roots.
Just one tiny seed can grow into a tree
to produce bunches of apples for us all to eat.

So if we wanna reclaim paradise on earth,
we gottta teach our children right from birth,
that real food is grown from the soil of the earth,
not found on the shelf depleted of it’s worth.

The real super market can be our backyard,
just sprinkle seeds in the dirt it isn’t very hard.
Add a little sun, add a little rain,
let nature do it’s thing, so easy to maintain!

Follow your path, your truth your bliss,
For the more you focus on it, the stronger it exists.
Release, your hold, Let your breath fill your soul
Trust the truth that your body knows,
If it feels good, x3
It’s probably IS

But make sure that your seeds are genetically true
Cause if they’re GMO they may be bread to kill
And terminate their very own reproductive genes
Wake up people do we know what this means?

It means farmers can no longer save seeds to sow
For the next years harvest, no crops to grow
The fields will be barren unless we can afford
To pay money for seeds to the seedlords?

You think This may be okay, it's the North America way
But developing countries can’t afford to pay
Our land is being stolen, raped of water and oil,
Usurped by Big agro, while the people are forced to toil

Nature intended Food to be free,
That’s why it grows in the earth and on the trees,
It ain’t only humans that need to eat
Takes every living creature to make the chain complete


But I can’t survive on food alone,
you see my heart and soul needs to be known.
My spirit wants to live with joy, feeling safe,
alive and full of love for the human race.

we are all born, we will all die,
so while we here at least let’s open our eyes
cause people everywhere are yearning to break free,
starving for the truth cause we’re beginning to see.

We’re tired of bullshit, propaganda and games.
Our survival depends on our co-habitating,
We gotta look past the color of our skin
Cause we all live together in this eco-system

We are free by our very breath,
our spirit is unbound and limitless
I don’t care what you call your spiritual source,
We were all created equal by the same loving force

We breathe the same air, under the same sky
Drink of the same rains, running down the mountain side
Warmed by the same sun, we share the same fears
All bleed red blood and cry salty tears
we are all born, we will all die,
WE are all sharing in this miracle , this miracle of life

Track Name: Light in You
I know your scared,
to be yourself sometimes.
This world can be, so blind
but if you take the chance to trust,
start to open up
you just might find,
you are loved

I see the light in you
Shining with everything you do
Don’t try to hide it no more
Can you hear it, knockin at your door

Show me what you really want
Tell me what you really need
Reveal all you feel,
You will be received
You, don’t have to hide away,
All the things you really want to say
There are others who have felt this way
Your not alone, I feel your pain


Bridge: Sometimes its dark and cold
Sometimes you're feelin all alone
Sometimes we don't know where to go
Everybody needs... to belong

Track Name: Your Fingertips
Your fingertips, smooth and swift,
Gentle as wind, flowing over my skin
Your hands, feather soft too touch
Your lips, that kiss me so much

Your arms, hold me closely
Your heart seems to know me
This is the first time,
I’ve ever known love,
like this

Your smile, fills me with delight
Bright as the sun chasing way the night
Your mouth, whispers words so kindly
Your eyes, see right in to me


your breath, peaceful and calm
lulls me to sleep like a gentle song
your chest, where I rest my face
and relax into your loving embrace

Track Name: All Beings Are Free
I met him in the woods of Oregon
His family moved there to avoid a war
Spent most of his youth livin outdoors
Never had a TV or went to a big Box store
All his mother really wanted was to raise a good man
Unaffected by the mainstream, custodian of the land
Helped his father farm the fields, grew medicinal plants
Made all of his clothing from the earth, with is hands

And you taught me, how to be free
To see all the creatures in this universe as me
How to fight for what is right with peace
Till the day all beings are free

When the boy was 12 his father fell ill
Was planted in the earth at the top of the hill
Never have any money, no use for a will
So mother and son went to the city to live
She found work in a café, while he wet to school
Out on the playground, he didn’t know the rules
Had no popular toys and wore the wrong shoes
But he just smiled and said I dodn’t need, to be like you


Then one day the trucks came, to clear the land
He said to his mother, “it’s time to take a stand,
This earth is our body, the trees our breath If the forests endangered, I won’t rest”
So he got some folks together, climbed up the trees
Said if they kill her, they’ll have to kill me
Media gathered, the corporates backed down
Now the trees in that forest can still be found

Track Name: Simply
I must have asked for this That night when I cast my wish
Upon the stars, into the dark I was longing to be kissed
Yearning for a taste of a lovers warm embrace
Where friendship and trust are shared face to face

Where I am held inside safe and loving arms
Where I can rest in the presence of the heart
Where I lay naked with the truth
Simply being me, simply loving C

When you, yes you did quietly appear
And lay down by my side in the morning light
We begin to touch, our fingers intertwine
My heart, is blown apart, when your lips gently meet mine

And I am held in the safety of your arms
Where I can rest in the presence of your heart
Where we lay naked with the truth
Simply being me, simply loving you C

You, yes you, receive all of me
And I, let myself cry, when I look into your smiling eyes
I know, it’s safe to show and let my feelings grow
This, is such a gift and I want you to know

That you are held in the safety of my arms
And you can rest in the presence of my heart
Where we lay naked with the truth
Simply being me, simply loving you C
Simply being me, simply loving you C
Simply being me, simply loving you C
Track Name: Legacy
With songs of freedom, songs of love,
Songs that inspired us all to rise up!
make the changes in this world, answering the call!
To protect this beautiful planet and the dignity of all
We regained our liberty, As a people, self governing
we choose to live in harmony
Working together, thriving and free
The face of the world has really changed
Liberated from fear and shame
we have reclaimed our god given right
To clean water, clean air, food and Life!

The light shone from the eyes of love
Your voice touches the hearts of all
inspiring the courage freedom to act,
Freedom to choose dream and dance,
to do what’s right, take a chance on life

We've returned to growing food by hand
harvest the crops and care for the land
respect the animals and the trees and all our human family
We are connected like the grasses roots
friends with our neighbours, we speak the truth
We bater and share locally with usury-free currency,
We cherish the earth, have abolished all toxins
Our oceans are clean and the whales and salmon rocking
Together humanity has planted the seed that has given rebirth,
to a world of peace


This life has been a journey, to remember how,
to take the reins of reality harness the power of NOW
To awaken to the centre awaken to the dream
we are the source creating it all in the greatest game in the universe


There’s nothing to fear and there never was
Cause all that we are truly is love
Track Name: Sing With Me
Dance with me, to the rhythm in our feet
dance with me to the pulsing of our heart beats
dance with me, as the waves come rolling in
For This is the moment the dance of love begins.

Sing with me, let your voice fly
from your heart as you open your love wide.
sing with me, of all your truth and mystery
Sing the song that lets your spirit belong

Climb with me.. up this mountain side.
All we need is to take one step at a time
Climb with me.. soon we will be
on top of the world where the sky meets the trees and we’ll see..
such beauty


Stand with me on the solid earth
Stand with me, we’ll dig our feet into the dirt.
And plant the seeds of love and watch them grow
Stand with me, as the river of life unfolds

G A Bridge:

rise with me, from the depths of emotion
rise with me to the heights of devotion
Rise with me where we are free
Rise with me into eternity

Track Name: On The Water
Rowboat on the water, drifting gently on the tide
Wind blows across the waves, as the Islands drift on by
I look up to the skies above, watch the eagles fly so high
Sunlight shines through the clouds, painting sunbeams in the sky

I am free, on the water, drifting in my little boat
All my cares fade away, I hope I always stay afloat
I am free, on the water, drifting in my little boat
All my cares fade away, I hope it always stays… this way

Raven calls from a Cedar pearch, overlooking the land
Racoons comb the beach, sifting through the sand for crab
A pod of whales swim from the East, dolphins leap through the air
A seal dives for a mouthful of fish, the school scatters, everywhere

Track Name: Billy's Bay
It’s a quiet day, In Billy’s Bay

The only sounds that can be heard,
Are the buzzing of bees and the songs of the birds.
Call of the ravens forward and back
And the rustle of wind as it blows through the grass

It’s a quiet day, In Billy’s Bay

Dozens of daisies sway in the breeze,
A Blue heron stands on the shore by the sea
Humming birds hover by the window to feed,
Crab Apples fall from the lazy trees

It’s a quiet day, In Billy’s Bay

The Chickens cluck and lay their eggs,
Vultures circle overhead all day
A family of dear wander the yard and graze
Listen to the dock rocking under the waves

It’s a quiet day, In Billy’s Bay
It’s a quiet day in Billys Bay,

3 little gold fish swim in the pond
with zillions of flies, tadpols and frogs
Billy goes out on the Ocean at Dawn
While Goldie keeps watch from her place on the lawn

It’s a quiet day, In Bily’s Bay
It’s a quiet day in Billys Bay,
It’s a quiet day, In Bily’s Bay
It’s a quiet day in Billys Bay,

Not too many folks come round this way
Except in the summer when they all come and say
We love your stories and all your neat junk
But my favorite of all is giving Billy, a hug!
Track Name: This Journey
We never know where this journey will lead
we’ve just got to do our best
cause we create it with our choices
and the spirits do the rest
and no matter what happens to me,
I trust this life
and I love this journey, for l love this life
such a gift that I’ve been given I can remember the mystery
When I was just a little little child thinking bout what is this existence

sometimes I think, sometimes I dream that there is a purpose to this whole thing,
but then I choose to let go,
cause maybe the purpose is just to let flow
and let it go, let it go, and let it be, let it be
just live this life the way that makes me happy,
what else, what else is the point.

finding the joy in all the little things,
finding the joy, in everything that it brings
finding the joy in what is
finding the joy and letting it live

Oh cause it just keeps unfolding,
this journey, this river is flowing
all I need to do , is do m best to live my truth
love my truth
live my truth